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WSS series Bimetal thermometers flange type stainless jacket pipe [CHENGFENG FLOWMETER] professional manufacture high accuracy
Product Model:WSS series


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The bimetallic thermometer is a on site measurement instrument suitable for measuring middle and high temperature, and can be used to measure directly the temperature of gasses and liquids. Compared with glass thermometer, it is featured with no mercury harmness, distinct reading, strong and durable and other advantages. Our company produces multipurpose bimetallic thermometers. The types and models are complete. The quality is high and reliable. It can be used widely in industry, agriculture, national defence and scientific research etc.


Structure features and working principle


Bimetallic thermometer (hereafter referred to as simply thermometer) is a coiling thermal bimetal temperature sensor. One end is fixed inside the protective sleeve (fixed end) and another end (free end) is connected at a fine axle. The axle end is equipped with a needle. When the temperature changes, the free end of the temperature sensor rotates, hereupon, the fine axle moves the needle. The dial plate indicates the temperature change. The steering drive mechanism in the straight meter
moves the needle. The meter housing is made of steel plate, cast aluminium alloy and stainless steel. For the head of the adjustable angle thermometer, by means of corrugated pipe, angle machenism and other parts, the angle can be adjusted freely from the angle type to straight type, or from the straight type to angle type.


 WSS Series bimetallic thermometers




Main technical parameters                       Thermometer type and the meaning of each symbols




Model and specification



A Jacket pipe material: 1Crl8Ni9Ti, if other material is required, that shall be noted.

B Other installation thread required needs to be negotiated separately.
C The flange standards and specifications shall be provided in the flanged connection.
D The nominal diameter of the thermometer dial scale is Φ100. The insert length for Φ150 is:
    1) When the jacket diameter is Φ8, the insert length range is 75~500mm;
    2) When the jacket diameter is Φ10, the insert length range is 75~1000mm;
    3) When the jacket diameter is Φ12,the insert length range is 1250~2000mm.
E The requirement on other jacket diameters shall be negotiated separately.


The profile and installing dimensions











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